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About White Rock

This beautiful city is located in the southwest of British Columbia. White Rock is situated in the southeast of the city of Vancouver - to be more specific on the northern shore of Semiahmoo Bay.

White Rock is named after an Indian legend about a large white rock that was thrown across the water from Vancouver Island to where is located now by a sea god’s son.

According to the Maclean's Magazine, as of 2019, White Rock was considered the 236th best place to live in Canada.


White Rock
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What's nearby? Things to do near White Rock

  • White Rock Museum & Archives
  • Peach Arch Provincial Park
  • East Beach
  • White Rock Promenade
  • White Rock (The Pier)
  • Semiahmoo Bay


  • Restaurants (e.g. Wooden Spoon, The Boathouse Restaurant)
  • Parks (e.g. Memorial Park, Davay Park)
  • Gyms (e.g. LOOP Fitness and Pilates)
  • And so much more!