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About Condos and Townhomes


A condominium also known as condos are single units in a building, hence, you share multiple walls with your neighbours. In regards to ownership, you have ownership of your unit and you have joint ownership with the other condo owners of the building. In other words, you have shared ownership of the building (the structure) and other amenities such as the gym, pool, parking lot, etc. 

According to the Vancouver Housing Market Stats, the average price for a condo in Vancouver is $802,591.


Townhouses also known as townhomes, are multi-floor homes that usually share one or two walls with adjacent properties in the neighbourhood. Townhomes are usually tall, narrow, and row houses. Townhomes are great for small families who are ready to move from a condo to a bigger space, but are not ready to buy a single-family home yet. 

Some townhouses have their own parking spots and patios, and they usually have the same look as the rest of townhomes in a given community. In regards to ownership, when you purchase a townhouse, you have ownership of the home structure and the land that it is built on.

The average price for a townhouse in Vancouver is $1.12M


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